Thanks to everyone who supported the release of I Didn't Want to Break It.  Words can't express my gratitude; you helped out at a very crucial time, both for me and for this album.  The album is out now, getting…

Last chance to become a Motherfunder!

My Motherfunder campaign ends tomorrow! I have already reached 98%of my goal! If you have already become a Motherfunder, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you are thinking of doing it, now is the hour!  Click


First review in!

Thanks to Folking.com for my first I Didn't Want to Break It review.  Have a peek here.

New Album Out Today!

I Didn't Want to Break It is now available for purchase here!  Have a look at the teaser to hear snippets of the track "The End of the World" and whet your appetite for the official video coming soon…

Motherhood and Homemade Fudge

My new album is done!  And now the costly work of touring and publicity begins!  Released my first ever sponsorship campaign today.  Sponsorship perks include autographs, T-shirts and homemade fudge!  Please consider becoming a Motherfunder!

New Album Cover!

Excited to share my next album cover with you.  Out of nine choices, fans voted for this pic and I think it turned out smashingly!  The album is being pressed and I'll have it in my hot little hands any…

Thank you, Dumfries!

Well, more specifically, the Scottish Ukulele Festival.  Not only was this set on a dreamy campus that reminded me of something out of an Austen novel, it was the only time where I arrived to the hotel room to find…

How romantic!

What more romantic thing to do than to have a photo shoot with your hubby?  New pics out soon!

Guess What I've been Doing

Yep!  I'm a mom!  My son and I are happy and healthy, enjoying each other's company immensely!

Thank you, Dawson City!

Wow!  It's been a little while since I was up north and I realize, after having spent a lovely time in Dawson City, that I have really missed it!  Charming town, the whole thing is pretty much a heritage site…

Canada Day at Grand Parade!

Had a wonderful time on Canada Day playing in downtown Halifax's historic Grand Parade. Delightful to see people of all ages enjoying pancakes and sunshine!