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Almost Home Online Concert Series with James Hill 

Hi Friends,

Thanks for stopping by.  I'd like to invite you a series that James and I are doing, with a new theme each week.  Through the course of four weeks we'll touch on themes of time, home, light and horizon through song.  Bring your song requests, listen to rarely-performed treasures and be the first to hear brand new songs including, Almost Home (out soon on Borealis Records).  A little uke, a little cello, rousing voices and lots of good vibes.  Every Wednesday in May from 4-4:30pm(AST).


Tonight You Belong to Me (In Memoriam video) 

Hi Friends,

So much has happened in the past few months.  I felt like I just had just made peace with self-isolation and then our part of the world was hit with even harder grief.  Our hearts are grieving for the Nova Scotians who have recently lost their lives.  Please accept this lullaby to comfort and soothe you, no matter what you are facing right now.


Many A Moon in the world! 

Yes, the latest offering.  It's even on CD!  Hope you like it!  xo

Live Music Video for Feeling Beautiful! 

Ok, so sometimes, it's hard to get it right.  I tried filming this tune on four different occasions and, finally, I got something that I liked.  Hope you like it, too.

Live and Steamy "Will You" Video 

Hi Friends,

On a cold, dark night, we recorded this version of my song, Will You.  Guest musicians include James Hill, Rachel Capon & Eli Bender (from Hale & Hearty) and Shelley O'Brien.  Hope you enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime converge of talent!

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