Thank you, Dawson City! 

Wow!  It's been a little while since I was up north and I realize, after having spent a lovely time in Dawson City, that I have really missed it!  Charming town, the whole thing is pretty much a heritage site with old wooden facades and dirt roads.  So, when in Rome ...

Thanks to Dawson City Music Festival for being one of the sweetest festivals around. Photo courtesy of Peabody's Photo Parlour.

Kansas City, Here We Come! 

Flying to Kansas City, MI today for the Folk Alliance International Conference.  A great chance to meet old friends and make a bunch of new ones.  A great place for movers and shakers.  I will showcase three times tonight and then guest with Kaia Kater and James Hill on their sets throughout the weekend.  Steeling myself for the onset of MUSIC!

Promises for 2015 

Well, it's been a beautiful few weeks at home to bring 2015 in.  Not with a bang, but with peace and quiet to reflect on last year and look ahead this one.  Between touring all over the world and releasing a new album, this year promises to be fruitful and fun!

River Video 

"It's coming on Christmas ... "  Only one week away!  Filmed in Hamilton, New Zealand with the help of Julia Booth and James Hill, here is the music video for River.  Hope you enjoy!

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