Are you a Motherfunder?

Yes, the new album is big and bold.  Yes, it has 15 tracks that crackle with high emotional voltage.  Yes, I had a baby.  And, yes I need your help!


I WAS AT NATURE'S MERCY FROM THE OUTSET. The recording sessions for I Didn't Want to Break It  took place in the beginning stages of my pregnancy.  I had to sneak crackers between vocal takes and grab a nap every few hours to gather my strength. Mixing and post-production were done between diaper changes, feeding sessions and getting to know my son. Every part of the process became immediate and intuitive.

Thank goodness James Hill was in the producer's chair!  He helped me follow my muse into new musical territory and, naturally, sympathized with my condition! The result is thirteen inspired, original songs and two palette-cleansing instrumental interludes. I am honoured to be joined by musical guests Nick Fisher, Delta Sugar and Bakithi Kumalo (Paul Simon). Although the songs aren't necessarily about motherhood, they invoke the breadth and depth of my journey into this new role.

Lend a Hand!

HOW CAN YOU HELP? The album is recorded but there are still many costs associated with its release. The funds raised from this campaign will go directly to support touring, manufacturing and publicity.  When you pre-order the album at any of the levels below you'll also get some great perks: autographs, photo prints, homemade fudge, personalized songs and more!  With your help, this once-in-a-lifetime album will reach its audience. Thank you so so so much for your support!
5% of all funds raised in this campaign will be donated to LaLeche League International, an organization that supports breastfeeding worldwide.