1. Will You

From the recording I Didn't Want to Break It

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Music and lyrics by Anne Janelle
Produced by James Hill


Will You

Will you come with me, will you boy?
Down into the valley that can soothe my soul?
Will you carry me past the grove
Walk me down the path that is decades old?

I can't run with you, can't be led
I have never left the side of river beds
Not the stormy waves, not day light
Not even your blue eyes will make me change my mind

You're my company, you're my joy
I don't have the time to sit here in the cold
Won't you come for me, leave your post?
You can be the fisherman, I'll be the host

I've seen those waters, I've seen those wheels
Nothing that a fantasy that can't be real
Just as sure as the moon will rise
I don't want to be here when our true love dies

Will you marry me in this place
I can find some ribbon and some lily lace
Wild as lavender, love will rise
My mind is set I wanna be your bride

Not a week ago in my sleep
I saw a vision that made me weak
Your skin was cold, your cheeks were white
I knew there was no choice, I had to be by your side

By the wishing bone, by the child of grace
If I let you have your way
Yours is the kind of love
That's gonna take me to my grave