From the recording I Didn't Want to Break It

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Music and lyrics by Anne Janelle
Produced by James Hill


Feeling Beautiful

Climbed the dark toward the day
With only love to light the way
Never thought my legs or heart could be so strong

Stood there looking at the sun
Watched her fall into the ocean
Never thought she’d rise again but I was wrong
Didn’t think she’d rise again, but I was wrong

My eyes don't burn
from a stream of tears
I can't be hurt
When I’m feeling beautiful
My mind is clear
My heart is still
I can only think of you
When I'm feeling beautiful

I let my troubles grow and grow
Without a way to let them show
They’re in a bottle deep inside, it’s a long way down

I didn't want to see the light
Even now, it’s a daily fight
You know where to find me, if you come around