From the recording I Didn't Want to Break It

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Music and Lyrics by Anne Janelle
Produced by James Hill


Knocking at My Door

You came a-knockin' at my door
With a knock that could pierce dreams or war
You say you've walked ten miles, through mud and rain
With something on your mind, something on your mind, you've gotta say

Things are bad since I've been gone
The mockingbird has lost her song
I know, the sun is dull, the ground is hard
But I had to get away, I had to get a way to save my heart

I made a life
in another place
There was a time
when there might have been a way
But it’s too late

You say that I have debts to pay
That nothing comes for free these days
Well I paid you once, I paid you twice
But there’s only so much love, only so much love you can buy

I woke before the eyes of dawn
The coldest sweat, the hottest blood
Truth be told, I miss you so
But I can’t trust my heart, I can’t trust my heart anymore

Another time
Another place
Another life
Another face