From the recording I Didn't Want to Break It

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Music and lyrics by Anne Janelle
Produced by James Hill


The Moth and the Light

Somehow it’s already quarter to nine
And the weather is fine if you like staying inside
How does the time slip away like it does
Going faster and faster, the more that you love?

If you asked me to tell you
You know that I’d try
Just as the moth doesn’t choose the light
The light doesn’t choose to shine
Oh no, the light doesn’t choose to shine

Age is a number and love is a game
And that’s fine if you’re lucky and you’re feeling no pain
But as for the rest of us what would you say?
Is it better to burn bright or fade away?

There’s a box of old memories I can’t throw away
Hand-written letters and photos from birthdays
What makes us willing to risk everything?
What makes a good heart go wandering?