1. Butterfly

From the recording I Didn't Want to Break It

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Music and lyrics by Anne Janelle
Produced by James Hill



You know me, I always need the last word
It started as a game, but now it’s a curse
Don't know why, but we’ve got love to burn
Your voice is might be the sweetest thing that I ever heard

But tomorrow’s headlines will be different than today’s
Still you have a life from which you can’t just walk away
But I’d rather wake from some hopeless, crazy dream
Than always have to wonder how things might have been

You called me a butterfly
the way that I move, my dark eyes
I’ll open up my wings tonight
Cause I’m oh so good
at saying goodbye

My poor heart can turn be to a fool
Why do I fall for things I know I’m gonna lose?
More perfect than pedals that reach for morning sun
Are the little flowers that have not yet come undone