1. Forgive Me

Produced by Anne Janelle
Performed by Anne Janelle, Doug Cameron and Jeff Torbert


Forgive Me

Forgive me for everything I wanted to do
Forgive me for all I haven't gotten to
Forgive me for saying that I wanted to
Forgive me for wanting you

Across the sky
There's a wind that's running wild
Howling as the nighttime comes

It's not too late
This can wait

Forgive me if I've got things to prove
Forgive me if I don't wanna lose
Forgive me if I'm still stained by youth
Forgive me if I want the truth


Forgive me when I'm battered and blue
Forgive me when there's nothing new
Forgive me when I make you choose
Forgive me when I don't love you